Daniel is a Brooklyn-based artist working in photography, collage, mixed media sculpture, installation, and sound.  He received a degree in New Media: Film from Fairfield University which emphasized storytelling as the foundation of all art and fostered the technical and theoretical functions of the camera.  After graduating he trained with Michael Weber, an international architectural photographer, developing strong compositional, spatial, and lighting skills over the course of eight years.  During this time Daniel travelled to over 40 cities around the world which would not only dictate his subject matter but how he related with the world around him, using the camera as a bridge between what he was experiencing physically and mentally.  Daniel is an original member of the Brooklyn Collage Collective (c.2013) which began driving his work away from the camera and towards fully analog processes to create paper and multimedia works.  In recent years Daniel’s work has expanded into several mediums including sculpture, textile, installation, music, and Japanese Tea Ceremony.

In 2015, he and Eri King formed ERIDAN, whose conceptual framework explores ideas of the Everyday. They are driven by the dialogue of value, consumer culture, and planned obsolescence, and accordingly work under the ethos: “Our hand is the machine that makes the art”. Their body of work is informed by handmade processes applied to various modes of making such as fiber sculptures, installation art, drawing, and performance. They engage found everyday materials in an eclectic manner not only to utilize their symbolic and contextual power, but also to express the freedom of making art with anything and seeing art in everything. Collaboration is at the heart of their practice and they have explored this concept more directly with each successive project.


My work explores the dichotomy of natural and man-made landscapes with the intent of revealing the latent power structures shaping modern society.  I utilize the same processes, aesthetics, and mediums of mass communications in an attempt to unpack, unlearn, and reshape messages of consumption and self-interest. My intention is to develop a sense of community through active conversations of complex and controversial topics which Mass Media tends to polarize into convenient directional arguments of right versus wrong, this versus that, yes versus no.  By doing so I hope to reshape the ways we experience and understand Mass Culture.


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Daniel Greer

b.1988 in Norwalk, CT

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


2017- 2019 Tea Ceremony Studies: Urasenke Chanoyu Center of New York

2010     B.A. New Media: Film, Fairfield University


2017     A4 Effort                                                               Miranda Kuo Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2016     Extra Value                                                            205 Hunter MFA Studios, Manhattan, NY

2012     This is Temporary                                                    255 McKibbin St. #509, Brooklyn, NY

2010     It's a Freak Show!                                                   Experimental Space, Fairfield, CT


2019     Subpoena                                                               Parasol Projects, Manhattan, NY

2019     No Place Like                                                          Field Projects Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2018     Pardon Our Appearance!                                          As of Now Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2018     Bushwick Open Studios Pop-Up Group Show          56 Bogart Street 3R, Brooklyn, NY

2018     Re: Art Show XIX                                                    630 Flushing Avenue, 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY

2018     Near, Far, Wherever You Are                                   H0l0, Brooklyn, NY

2018     Twin Stranger                                                         AC Institute, Manhattan, NY

2017   Ichigo Ichie                                                         Shiro Oni Studio, Onishi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

2017     Direct Message                                                      Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2017     Rise Up 2017 Activist Fair                                        One UN Plaza, Manhattan, NY

2016     Life is Shit                                                            Dive, Las Vegas, NV

2016     What Are You Trying to Say?                                    SVA Curatorial Practice, Manhattan, NY

2016     Hunter MFA Open Studios                                        HUNTER MFA Studios, Manhattan, NY

2015     Brooklyn Vs. London                                              Carousel, London, UK

2015     Dateline 013                                                           Dateline, Denver, CO

2015     High: A New Definition                                            The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015     Live at 6090                                                          60-90 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY

2015     Cut & Paste                                                           Sugarlift, Brooklyn, NY

2014     Brooklyn Collage Collective Winter Exhibition           The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014     People’s Choice Show                                              The Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014     Brooklyn Collage Collective Group Show Part 3          Armature Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

2014     Beauty from Chaos: BCC Group Show Part 2              37 Troutman, Brooklyn, NY

2014     Brooklyn Collage Collective Group Show Part 1         Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY

2013     Against Time: A Study of Anachronism                       Studio at the Darkroom, Brooklyn, NY

2013     Collorgy Part Deux                                                  37 Troutman, Brooklyn, NY


2017   Shiro Oni Studio Residency                                     Onishi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan


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Danny Krug, 1.21 Gigawatts, “Daniel Greer” (Artist Exposé), April 2015

Crystal Wilde, Coconuts Hong Kong, “Hong Kong in High Def”, October 2014

Danny Krug, 1.21 Gigawatts, “Daniel Greer” (Artist Exposé), July 2013


2018     Light Leaks LV “Interview with Daniel Greer”, Light Leaks, Las Vegas, NV

2017     Brooklyn Magazine “Inside the Studio: Live”, Miranda Kuo Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2017     Derek Frankhouser “Created: In the Studio” Featured Video, Manhattan, NY


2011-Present 1st Assistant & Primary Retoucher for Michael Weber Photography, NY, NY