ERIDAN is the collaborative efforts of Eri King and Daniel Greer.  Their conceptual framework explores the Everyday within the backdrop of America’s consumer culture.  They utilize rigorous artistic practices by means of labor intensive handmade executions as a simile to the ritualistic nature of consumer culture habits. Combined with their use of everyday material such as plastic, snack bags, or detritus they approach solutions of upcycling and value creation while also touching on questions of beauty within banality and waste.

Eri and Daniel met early in 2015 and after realizing they work from similar conceptual platforms, they began collaborating on specific projects.  The duo quickly realized that working as a team enhanced the speed of completing extensively laborious works through their rigorous approach to process. After creating a body of work together, they were given the opportunity to debut this new work at MFA Hunter’s Spring Open Studios. Following soon after, they were invited to exhibit in Chelsea, Manhattan, NY as part of a group exhibition entitled, “What Are You Trying To Say” in SVA’S CP Projects Gallery. Eridan continues their intensive studio practice and seek to find opportunities to express their artistic and conceptual endeavors. 




2017     “A4 Effort”, Miranda Kuo Gallery, NY, NY 

2016     “Extra Value”, 205 Hunter Mfa Studios, NY, NY



2017     "Ichigo Ichie", Shiro Oni Studio, Onishi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

            “Direct Message”, Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

            “Rise Up 2017 Activist Fair”, One UN Plaza, NY, NY

2016     “Eridan Store”, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Brooklyn, NY

            “Hunter MFA Open Studios”, 205 Hudson, NY,NY

            “Life is Shit”,  Dive, Las Vegas, NV

            “What are you trying to say?”, CP Project Space, NY, NY



2017     Bullett Magazine "Studio Visit: Hot Cheetos & Takis with Eridan, Jun. 26 2017

            Brooklyn Magazine “Inside the Studio Live” Miranda Kuo Gallery, NY, NY, Jan. 15, 2017

            Derek Frankhouser “Created: in the Studio” Featured Video, NY, NY