People wear masks on a daily basis.  Some are as tangible as make-up and clothes and some come from within like courage, confidence, fear, and anger.  Some are as temporal as a bottle of beer and some we grow into like a relationship.  The masks we choose to wear are a result of a lifetime of influences and reflect our realities.  While masks can represent the act of hiding but human expression can have the opposite effect of revealing identity.  

As New Yorkers, the architecture of the city informs everything we do from where we work, eat, sleep, and socialize, in short, our daily lives.  Manhattan’s 2,872 blocks of intricately constructed stone, steel, and glass only hint at the indefinitely complex inner workings of the city.  Inside this network of architecture it's us that pulse through the arteries of subways and streets, maintaining the life force of the man-made organism called a city.  In this way, we are as much a part of the city as the structures themselves.

All photography used in this series was made personally in New York City.